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11 Iconic BATMOBILE Cars

I remember when I was young, I was enamored by Batmobile and always aspired to get a few Batmobile Toys. But, in the small town where I grew up, it remained a dream.

BATMOBILE is the best and the most recognized vehicle in the entire Comic Book world. With its futuristic looks, cutting edge performance, couple with Military grade hardware and assault capabilities, it is the vehicle which has inspired generations of comic book fans and continue to inspire car designers and general population even today.

Today , with Amazon and other shopping websites, it is easier than ever to find your dream products and toys and actually get them. Following is the list of different generation of Batmobile which have been used by Batman in Comics, TV shows, Animation series and Movies and you can have those Batmobile Toys in your hands today. Lets dive straight in.

And Do read through the complete post, as at the end, we bring to all of you Batman Fans, a special video on – You guessed it -History of Batmobile.

  1. Batman Classic TV Batmobile Toy

Relive your favorite comic book or television adventures, or create new ones of your own with the stylish retro action Batman Classic TV Series Batmobile Car, complete with mini bendable Batman and Robin figures. This vehicle is a highly detailed 1:24 scale replica of the Batmobile Car from the classic TV series. The Batmobile Toy can hold up to two six-inch action figures. Batman and Robin action figures included. This toy is suitable for indoor or outdoor play. Note: the wheels of this replica vehicle do not turn. Get it here.

2. Funskool Batman Batmobile

When the batmobile is out of the batcave, it is tough time for the bad guys. This heavily armored vehicle, armed with a missile launcher, is undoubtedly batman’s favorite machine in his campaign to fight crime. Get it here.

3. 1989 Batman Batmobile Toy

From the Batman 1989 movie comes the awesome Batmobile Toy. The 1:32 scale die-cast metal and plastic Batmobile measures about 5-inches long and comes packaged in a window box with hang tag. Get it here.

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4. Animated Series Batmobile W/Batman Figure

This is the Licensed miniature model of the actual Batmobile Car as it appears in the animated series. This Diecast metal Batmobile looks every bit as cool as it does in the animation series. Get it here.

5. Batman Forever Batmobile Die Cast Car

Batman Batmobile Car from the 1995 Batman forever movie. Enjoy this true to scale die cast Batmobile Toy Car from the movie.  Collect it from here.

6. Batman Justice League Twin Blast Batmobile Car

Speed to the battle scene in this 12″ signature twin blast batmobile toy car with colorfully cool new justice league action details and designs. Armed with double mounted blaster weaponry, you can fire projectiles from the vehicle’s hood then snap them to the side doors, or hold them for hand to hand combat that will stop super villains from all sides. This sleek, iconic Batman vehicle fits all 12″ justice league action figures, sold separately. Get the Batmobile Toy here.

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7. 2008 Batman vs Superman Batmobile W/Batman DC Figure

According to me, this is one of the best Batmobiles ever designed and depicted in movies. It a sort of cross between a car, a tank and a dune buggy and that makes it look absolutely awesome. Comes with a Batman Figure and is one of the coolest Batmobile Toy Cars out there. Get it here.

8. 2017 Justice League Batmobile

This is the batmobile in its latest iteration and was features in 2017 DC Movie – Justice League. Looks cool and a muscled out buggy, This Batmobile Car will be equally at place in a Mad Max or Death Race Movie. Get it from here.

9. Hot Wheels The Dark Knight Batmobile

The ever dependable Hot Wheels has this Batmobile Car from The Dark Knight series. Get it from here.

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10. Arkham Knight Batmobile with Batman Figure

The Batmobile from the Arkham Knight animated series. I do look forward to seeing this vehicle in one of DC movies shortly. It looks that good. I guess till that time we have to make do with one of these Batmobile Toys (and absolutely enjoy every minute of it). Get it from here.

11.  Batmobile Remote Control Car

This awesome Licensed remote control Batmobile Car is great fun for your little car enthusiast and looks like the real thing! Driving a normal Remote Control Car will be so Passe once you have this RC Batmobile Toy. Get it from here.

And now that we have had a look at the most Iconic of Batmobile Toys and cars, here is the promised video on the History of Batmobile. Enjoy.


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