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4 Must Have Strategy Board Games

Strategy Board Games are great not only for spending time, but also for teaching your children different concepts and life skills. Children should play games that allow them to think outside the box and make use of their grey cells.

In fact, I still remember that Monopoly taught me a lot about money, real estate, mortgage, rental income, etc. Chess taught me the concept of thinking 5-7 steps ahead and also that you have multiple choices and every choice leads to consequences. Chess also taught me that different people have different strengths and behave differently.

I am sure, that you as a parent, would want to teach your kids a lot of concepts and life skills and these strategy board games are a great way to start. Lets get into it straightaway: –

  1. Monopoly

Since its origin in 1903 (now that is a fun fact – 117 years and counting since its first launch), Monopoly has been one of the most popular board games of all times. The goal is to compete against each other to emerge as the wealthiest player at the end of the game.

Each player is allotted a certain amount of money and he/she selects a token piece to represent themselves on the board. Roll the dice to move around the board and purchase property. If you’ve collected all the property pieces of one colour or category, you can build houses and hotels. You earn money when the other players land on your property and pay you rent and if you have hotels, the rent doubles. To win the game, you must own the most valuable property and collect the most money.

Monopoly teaches your child how to manage money, the concept of rental income, raising money by mortgage and borrowing, interest on debt, buying and selling property and even bankruptcy. No other game comes close to teaching your kids so much about real life.

Must Have. Buy it here.

2. Scotland Yard

Get ready to travel all around London chasing the mysterious and clever Mister X. As a member of the Scotland Yard, Your job is to trace Mister X’s route all around London as he travels by taxi, bus and underground. Mister X tries to tease the police as he notes down his travel means in his special log pad, trying to evade capture using his brilliant mind. Devise plans and strategies to trace his routes and capture him before he strikes again. Try planning your routes in advance to avoid getting outsmarted by the cunning Mister X. Use and build your detective and planning skills.

Fantastic Game indeed. Buy the Game Here.

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3. Othello

Othello requires years to develop thoughtful strategies, even though it takes minutes to understand the rules of the game. The more you practice, the more strategies you will develop and implement while playing. Each player chooses a white or black side from the 64 reversible disks on the board. On each turn, a player must try and lock his/her opponent’s disks between his/her disks and then turn them to match his/her side. To win, you must have a maximum of your pieces facing upwards. Devise various strategies to lock and twist your opponent and win this strategy board game..

Gift your kid Othello and watch his or her bright young mind make a difference. Othello helps develop tactical as well as strategic thinking within your child. It helps children think laterally, An Absolutely addictive Game. buy it here.

4. Scrabble

The best game ever to test and improve your vocabulary of the English Language. Fun Fact, it was invented in 1933 (making it about 83 years since its birth).

You make words on a board with a set of 7 letters that you have at any point of time. Each word has a different value assigned to it and a few portions of the board also double the value of your letter or the entire word. An addictive game for kids as well as adults. Buy it here.

Get the Board games mentioned above and not only you will have a ton of fun playing it together, but also you will make them a big part of developing your child’s thinking skills, strategy skills, vocabulary and’ life and money skills.


p.s We have specifically excluded Chess from this list as it is in a entirely different class of its own. There is no other game on the planet which is also a profession and has a world-wide ranking system. Also, a lot of kids fund chess a little more complex and hence we have kept it out of this list.

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