5 Innovative Science Toys for Kids

Innovative Science Toys are a great way to introduce your kids to different streams of sciences and see where their interest lies. These toys not only introduce them to the concepts but also are great for developing their logical and thinking skills. A few great science toys which you can introduce your kids to are listed below:-

  1. Hydraulic Crane

This will help your children understand the basics of hydraulic mechanisms with this amazing STEM Learning DIY Educational project kit! Hydraulic Machines use the power of water pressure to carry out specified tasks. From cranes to braking mechanisms, hydraulic power finds widespread use in daily life. The kit contains a richly-illustrated and easy-to-understand step-by-step Instruction booklet and tools to embellish the project once built. Once assembled, children can use their Hydraulic Cranes to life objects and move them around. The project assembly provides at least an hour-long engagement and the game-play ensures that children proudly continue to play with the project even after. You can find the product here.

2. 14 in 1 Solar Robot Kit

Assemble and make your own robots, cars and vehicles in this one kit. Keeps your child engaged in terms of not only constructing it, but also in terms of seeing it work once the assembly is done. Will introduce your kids to the concept of solar power as well the concepts like gears and transmissions. Smaller kids will need help from their parents, elder siblings to assemble this. You can find the product here.


3. Crystal Radio Kit

With this product, Kids can build a working crystal radio that will pick up radio stations and allow them to experiment with radio waves while learning chemistry basics. No batteries or soldering are needed. This package contains: 1 diode, 1 base, four rubber bands, 1 tuning rod, 2 connecting wires, 1 coil wire, 1 sand paper, 1 earphone, three nuts, three bolts, four washers, 1 coil tube, 1 tuning ball and 1 instruction manual.Recommended for children ages 8 and up. Find the product here.

4. Magnetic Levitator

Teach children about the invisible power of magnetism with the Toysmith Magnetic Levitator. The Magnetic Levitator teaches young scientists about the effects of magnetism through a striking visual display. Repelling magnets cause the levitator to float above its base, seemingly defying gravity. The levitator spins easily at the slightest touch, demonstrating the anti-gravity effect. Complete assembly instructions included. No batteries required. Find the product here.

5. Solar Educational Kit

The Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational kit will assist the young minds to learn to connect a solar electrical circuit, how to supply the current and also how to make solar power charge a battery, calculator, cassette player, radio and more. The kit can be used at science fairs, projects, classroom demo as well as at home. This will keep your young ones occupied for days together, Order the Product here.

Go ahead and explore the world of innovative science toys for your kids, Make learning fund for them and also show them the practical applications of what they are learning.


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