8 Die Cast Car Toys beyond Hot Wheels

Of Course when we think of Die Cast Car Toys, the first name which comes to mind is Hot Wheels. They were popular when we were kids and the Car toys made by them are still Popular. The sheer range and variety of the Car Toy models that they make is amazing and one can never have enough of Hot Wheels.

But there are other Die Cast Car Toys (Non Battery and friction powered) out there which are different and interesting. Below is a small list of these interesting Car Toys that I found:

  1. Quadcopter Car

This Drone Car Toy is friction powered (no battery needed). Just push it forward and then the vehicle will automatically go and as is goes ahead, its rotors start moving along with the wheels. Please Note that this is just toy drones which does not fly. However, this is way more interesting that regular cars. Get it from here.

2. Mini Monster Truck Toy

Push these Mini Monster Truck Toy Car forward slightly then it go and last for quite a long distance. What makes it special is High quality inflatable rubber wheels, anti-skid, shock resistant, strong grip. Good Fun when playing with all 4 together or competing against other kids. Get this here.

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3. Diecast Metal Lightning McQueen Black Storm Jackson Cars Toys 

This Toy Car set comes in a Pack of 6 Cars – Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, Cruz Ramirez, Mater, Octane Gain and Sheriff – and is a 1: 64 Scale die-cast vehicle. A must have for any Disney Pixar Cars movie fan. Get it from here.

4. Avengers Toy Cars Set

Most of the kids today have read Avengers Comics or have seen the movies. And I have not yet me a child or a teenager who does not like them. After all, its about superheroes fighting against evil, facing tough challenges and not giving up. This Avenger Toy Car Set makes for a perfect gift for your child or even you (if you are a collector of movie memorabilia). Get this here.

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5. 1:32 Diecast Metal Pullback Toy Car – Dodge Charger

Real life Cars which we have seen in a smaller size. A dream for all collectors and children alike. It will be so much fun when they will see the car toy they own either in real life or in the movies. There are numerous models of such real life scale model cars. Just go to amazon here and search for your favorite model.

6. Car Transport Haul Carrier Truck Toy

Kids can haul their cars around and send them flying on a high-speed race with this cool Transporter Truck Toy. The large truck has an area at the front of it, Where the cars can be put in & zoomed out! Snap-close lids on sides of the truck to hold vehicles & accessories neatly. Kids will enjoy taking this wherever they go – Provides hours of imaginative play – The perfect gift for vehicle lovers of all ages! Get it here.

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7. Wooden Gravity Track Set for Cars. 

My Son spends tons and tons of time with this toy. Its a simple wooden gravity ramp for the cars to travel. Put it on top and see them travel down from one ramp to the other. Its simply amazing and you must have one of these for your child. Get it here.

8. The BatMobile

Just Look at the Car, It does not look anything like the car which we drive. This has to be the best Car Toy which every child should have. There is no Car Toy which can be cooler the Batmobile. Peiod. And there are at least 8 different Batmobile models which I know of. Get one of them here.

I personally know that Dads spend as much time with these Die Cast Car Toys as their kids. And a part of the reason why we buy these Car Toys for our children is our fascination with these toys ourselves.

I Guess Men never grow up in some things.


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