9 Best Kids Drones

These 9 best kids drones, including toy drones, are ideal for helping your little ones learn to fly a drone safely and have fun.

The best kids drones are easy to fly, with simple controls that can be picked up in seconds, and are often much, much cheaper than pro-level drones. They make exciting gifts and birthday presents. Some drones can be safely flown indoors and outdoors, while others are best flown outside exclusively.

If you’re a parent or guardian reading this, we suspect your little ones have seen your pricey camera drone in action and are desperate to fly it themselves. Quite rightly so, you’re probably nervous about handing over the controls to a minor, but luckily the best kids drones offer plenty of great features and simple intuitive controls.

These are some of the best drones that we can find for your kids. we have divided them into 3 categories – Budget Drones, Mid Category Drones and Top End Drones. Each one of them have their set of features and controls. Get one of these drones and give your child the wings to fly.

budget drones – less than Rs 2000.

  1. 6 Axis Gyro 2.4G 6CH RC Quadcopter

This drone comes with Auto Take Off and Landing, Auto Hover, 360° Stunt Roll, Easy Flight Control, 3 Speed Control and Headless Mode. This is one of the Best Drones out there without Camera. Get one from here.

2.  HX 750 Drone Quadcopter without Camera

With 360-degree flips in all directions, fancy rotation, different speed mode, fantasy light, this drone is a good Training Drone for Beginners. This drone adopts 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro Tech. There will be less interference, more stability, and easy maneuverability. Headless Mode function will orient your drone according to your controller, making flying and control easier. No worry being confused with the drone’s direction when it flies far away. With 3 speed modes, kids or beginners can practice step by step. And it is definitely a great idea to share with your children. Find it here.

3.  Hand-Controlled 360° Rotating UFO for Kids

This is a Hand Sensing Mini Drone Helicopter, Easy Indoor Small Orb Flying Ball Drone Toys for Boys or Girls. :Most “kids drones” are not always kid-friendly, but anyone can fly this UFO mini-drone;mini-drones gently, It flies and hovers in the air immediately. You don’t have to spend time on teaching children how to control and the beginner doesn’t need to practice. Start the Drone and Gently throw to make it fly, Control it with your hands to make it fly in multiple directions. FUN FOR ALL AGES! get one here.

Now lets look at some drones from the next category.


mid category drones – INR 2000 to INR 7500

In addition to basic flying, kids drones in this price range come with additional features like Hand Gesture / smartwatch remote, camera and sometimes wifi. However, all the drones in this category are constrained by the battery capacity as they give about 10-15 minutes of flying time on a single charge. Lets have a look at some of the better products in this segment.

4. Mini Quadrocopter Drone with Hand Gesture Smartwatch Fly

This drone uses 2.4G gravity sensing control system, and the one-hand control of the drone can be easily realized by the watch type remote control! Just tilt the watch with your hand movements, it’s so simple and fun! By starting the Infrared Obstacle Avoidance mode, it can avoid obstacles to protect the fuselage, which makes the drone very suitable for beginners, kids and hobby users. No Camera on this drone though. Find the drone here.

5.  WiFi Camera Drone with Real Time Streaming

This is also equipped with a camera and is one of the cheapest drones with a camera. Buy it here.

6. 360p Altitude Hold Wi-Fi Selfie Camera RC Drone Flying Quadcopter.

As the name suggests it comes with a 360 p camera which can take acceptable photos in bright daylight. Functions include 360P Camera, FPV Live Video Stream, Optical Flow Positioning, Headless Mode, Hover Function, One key Takeoff Landing and Wireless Image Transmission. Good for beginners who want to get into drone photography. Buy it Here.

7. X5SW Wi-Fi FPV Real-time Camera 2.4G 4CH 6-Axis Gyro RC Drone with 2 Battery (Black)

As we go up in price, the camera becomes better. With a 720P camera, this drone can take some good photos. Also, with an additional battery, you can double your flying time to about 25-30 minutes against is normal time of 10 odd minutes for other drones. Good for slightly older and experienced children who are also interested in Photography.

Next, we will cover a few high end drones with top-notch features,


High end drones – INR 7500 and above

These drones will have features like even better cameras, longer flying range, better connectivity like 4G and 5G and can be also used professionally. Lets have a look at a few of them.

8. Advance Foldable Drone with 720P 120° Wide Angle Camera

A ISO:100-1200 and 120 degree wide angle camera combined with powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows you to keep the drone will keep hovering at the same place. This makes it easy to shoot quality images or videos. By downloading a mobile app (IOS/Android) you can design your flight path directly on the screen and fly RC drone in all directions according to your desired air route.

The drone is also really sturdy and can take a lot of hits unlike other variants in the market, also it is easily fixable in case of any damages. Buy the drone here.

9. Phantom 4K HD Fly

IN addition to all the other features, this drone also comes with tilting camera and Electronic camera control software. The flight process can control the tilt angle of the camera, making it a great photo each and every time. The drone also can fly according to a pre-planned route and stably hover in the air without any operation after take-off to take great take pictures and videos. Buy this here.

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