7 RC Vehicles Beyond Remote Control Cars

Your kid has that remote control car and which almost every other kid has something similar. But is there anything beyond the best remote control cars (supposedly)? Yes, there is. It may not be available in the shop next door, but the world is your playground today. Lets look at a few of these unique remote control cars (correction : Unique Remote Control Vehicles):

  1. Watch Remote Stunt / Alien Car

This Alien looking Stunt Car with a four-wheel-drive, and a uniquely designed Anti-slip hollow tire, This Remote Control Car also has a transformable body making the car more flexible. The car has an amazing torque which helps it to move on any terrain easily and with stability. Its features include climbing, twisting, moving forward and backward, automatic demonstration 360 degree rotation, four driving speeds, night light, music, gesture sensing remote control and drifting. Find it comes here.

2. Remote Control Army Battle Tank 

Why play with a Remote Control Car when you can play with a Remote Control Army Tank? These awesome tank models are realistic looking and fun to operate. The tank is a full function, move it forwards, backward, turn left and right. Each tank has life indicator lights in the front. 360 Degree Movement of Tank’s missile gun makes it even more engaging. Buy 2 tanks for epic shooting game. Buy it here.


3. Remote Control Trailer Truck / Car Carrier

Cars? What Cars? Gift your child this Best Remote Control Car Carrier / Trailer truck. See your child have a lot of fun transporting all his hot-wheels from one room to another in this truck. Let his imagination run wild. Get this 2.4G 4 function r/c trailer truck (Side note: IT also comes with 6 pcs racing cars) for Child here.

4. Remote Control Rechargeable Construction JCB Truck

Gift your little one the coolest remote-controlled JCB. This remote-control JCB design looks almost exactly like its real-world counterpart. It is also fully functional and attractive enough to keep your naughty one busy for hours. Featuring an ABS plastic body, coated with glossy paint, this toy is as tough as it is attractive. The battery-operated remote control of this toy is 8 channel and can be used to drive and move it in multiple directions with easy control remote. Functions include left turn, right turn, forward, backwards, Arm up and Arm down. Get it from here.

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5. Remote Control Crane truck Toy

Gift this cool Remote Control Crane truck to your kid and see him zoom around the house to complete work and finish a lifting job. This toy comes with limited functionality of movement (front, back, left and right and the crane and hook do not move. Still a very cool remote control vehicle to have and play with. Buy it here.

6. Remote-Controlled Excavator Truck Toy 

This is a High Simulation Full Scale Construction Vehicle with Cool exteriors, alloy shovel loader, driving cab and wheel hubs. It is also a full Function 5 Channel JCB Truck comes with Mounted Flash Excavator and moves in the direction of Forward, Backward, Left Turn and Right Turn… The Digging Arm of the JCB also moves Up and Down giving the kids feel of how the real thing works….Buy it here.


7. Powerful 6WD Military Army Truck

This Off Road Remote Control Army Truck is powered with efficient crawling technology. Equipped with Six-wheel independent suspension system and shock absorbers it can move steadily and better protect the electronic components. It has Amazing off-road ability with Six wheel drive which helps this remote control vehicle complete difficult moves easily. It even has functional LED headlights which make it even cooler. But it here.

Any of these Remote Control vehicles are much more interesting than the best remote control cars and will ensure that your child stand apart from other children. And a with a few of them, he will also understand how those equipment’s actually function. What more you as a parent can ask for.

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