The Best Toy Trains

Toy Trains is probably the number one favorite toy of my son and I am sure that they are pretty high on the fascination list for most of the kids out there too…. In fact, just yesterday, my son made a Toy Railway station complete with 2 parallel train tracks, Two Toy Trains running in […]

Star Wars Logo

20 Fantastic Star Wars Toys and Gifts

Star Wars is the ultimate in fandom and also in terms of spawning cult characters. Hell, even smaller characters (Chewbacca) and Robots (Bb 8 and C-3PO) in the series are revered and have a legion of fans. Star Wars Toys like Light Sabres have been done to death. And the action figures are extremely common. […]

10 Unique Robot Toys for Kids

Right from Doraemon to Wall-E to Transformers to Star Wars, Our kids have seen all kinds of Animations and Movies with Robots in them and they have always been fascinated with them. Here are 14 very unique Robot Toys for Kids which not only are a load of fun, but some of them will introduce […]

18 Best Paw Patrol Toys and Gifts

Paw Patrol is loved by young boys and girls and giving them some of the Best Paw Patrol Toys will certainly bring a lot of smiles and giggles. The little kid, the adorable and righteous dogs with amazing gadgets make the series very entertaining and exciting for young minds. So, of all the items out […]

Batmobile Car

11 Iconic BATMOBILE Cars

I remember when I was young, I was enamored by Batmobile and always aspired to get a few Batmobile Toys. But, in the small town where I grew up, it remained a dream. BATMOBILE is the best and the most recognized vehicle in the entire Comic Book world. With its futuristic looks, cutting edge performance, […]

Car Toys

8 Die Cast Car Toys beyond Hot Wheels

Of Course when we think of Die Cast Car Toys, the first name which comes to mind is Hot Wheels. They were popular when we were kids and the Car toys made by them are still Popular. The sheer range and variety of the Car Toy models that they make is amazing and one can […]

11 Unique Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Jurassic Park is almost all everyone’s favorite Dinosaur Movie and it indeed started this revolution of Dinosaur Toys for Kids, Dinosaur Toy Sets, Dinosaur theme parks and Dinosaur themed cars, etc. Indeed, it single-handedly started the Dino revolution of sorts. But is there anything beyond the Rubber Dinosaur Toys out there. You will be surprised […]

Peppa Pig Toys

10 Unique Peppa Pig Toys and Gifting ideas

So, your child is a Peppa Pig fan and must have only Peppa Pig Toys, Peppa Pig Stationery, Peppa Pig Clothes, Peppa Pig everything. Welcome to the club. My niece is a Peppa Pig Fan and lives and breathes Peppa Pig. Sometimes I think that if doctors came out with a Peppa Pig Branded Vaccine, she will happily take that without any fuss.
But what to get your child beyond the soft toys and the erasers and the clothes? Here are a few ideas.

8 Best RC Monster Truck Toys

RC Monster Truck Toys / RC Rock Crawlers are everywhere and they are insanely fun. I am sure you would have got your child one in the recent past. However, not all monster trucks toys are created equal and there are some RC monster truck toys are simply much better than others. Here are a […]

The Best Remote Control Boats

My Son is fascinated with toy boats and he even makes fancy boats and pontoons from his Lego blocks. He has this folding kiddie pool in which he spends at least a couple of hours every week and most of that time is spent playing with various objects including his toy boats for bathtub. For […]


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