COMICS OF INDIA -Why should you introduce your kids to them ?

Of course, all kids across the country are on an extended vacation due to COVID 19. And A child at home, full of energy can make even the most patient of parents go nuts. So what do you do? How to you engage the kids in this time? How do you ensure the child stays away from Youtube (You never know what he is watching) or Television (Again, it normally does not add any value and is a strain on their eyes). As a parent, what options do you have? The answer lies in Comics of India.

Please introduce him to """ target="_blank">Comics. Not any comics, good old Indian publications. The benefits are multi-fold:-

  1. It develops the Habit of Reading– I know, my reading habit started with Comics. From Hindi Comics, I graduated to English Comics, then to Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys and ultimately to biographies, economics, business books. Now I read everything under the sun.
  2. It Improves their Comprehension of the Written Word – Today’s kids are bought up on visual and audio cues. They can talk to Amazon Alexa and Siri, but most of them cannot read and comprehend basic books. Comics can be a good start to improving their reading and comprehension abilities.
  3. It Keeps them away from Television and Phones – Of course every hour spent reading comics is an hour spent away from the television or stuck to the phone screen playing games.
  4. It Fires up Your Child’s Imagination – Its a magical world where the kid is transported and his imagination fired up. A world of kings, giants, fairies, animals who can talk, the jungle, the sea. Of course, movies and cartoons can also introduce you to these characters and concepts, but its too fast. When reading a comic, your child can spend time on one frame, daydreaming about the picture and the elements in there. Not really possible with movies and cartoons.
  5. It Builds Bonds specially if You Read it with Your Child – You are watching a movie with your child. I am sure you don’t talk to each other during that time. But, on the other hand, if you are reading a Comic with your child (together), then just think about the giggles, the discussions between the two of you. You and your child will both remember this time reading comics together for a lifetime.
  6. It Introduces them to our Rich History and Culture Introducing your kids to Mahabharta and Ramayana can be done easily through comics.
  7. They teach Morals, Values and Humility – Most of out stories and fables have a built in moral in them. They teach right and wrong, virtues and ways of life. Look at Panchtantra, Akbar Birbal, Vikram Betal. All of them have teachings embedded in them.

With every house today having a tablet or a computer at home, you do not even have to go out in search of a comic book. You have the world at your fingertips.

So go ahead. Get online. There is a treasure of Comics of India available. Get a few great comics on your kindle or tablet and start your child’s wonderful journey into the world of stories and the written word.


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