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11 Unique Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Jurassic Park is almost all everyone’s favorite Dinosaur Movie and it indeed started this revolution of Dinosaur Toys for Kids, Dinosaur Toy Sets, Dinosaur theme parks and Dinosaur themed cars, etc. Indeed, it single-handedly started the Dino revolution of sorts.

But is there anything beyond the Rubber Dinosaur Toys out there. You will be surprised with the variety of Dinosaur Toys for Kids available out there. Lets look at a few interesting ones and do read through to the end. The list gets more interesting as it progresses.

  1. Dinosaur Bubble Maker Toy

Dinosaur Shape designed with Bubble solution. Great fun for kids as they can make thousands of bubbles at a time. Have bubble-blasting fun with the Dino Bubble Blaster. Buy it here.

2. Chomping Tyrannosaurus Rex Hand Puppet Glove

T-Rex Head make’s you look and feel like the real savage Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur. This Dinosaur Toy, made from non-toxic safe & soft vinyl Foam Rubber, is suitable for telling stories, game playing, art performance and more…This Dinosaur Toy for kids helps to develop imagination and creativity, and improve communication skills too as they tell stories. Get it from Here.

3. 3D Crystal Puzzle Prehistoric Dinosaur Toy Set

This DIY 3D Crystal Puzzle Prehistoric DINOSAUR Toy (50 pcs) makes for the Perfect birthday gift for children. Not only assembling it a lot of fun, It also Helps your kids develop interests, stimulate the imagination and foster the cognitive capability. Enjoyable to work on, challenging to complete, fun to display. Get it from here.

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4. Dinosaur Carrier Transport Car Truck

Your Child will become a Jurassic Ranger with this Cool Dinosaur Carrier Toy Truck and You can just imagine the kind of stories he will make when playing with these (Oh my God, 3 Dinosaurs escaped and are now going to eat his GI Joe or Barbie Toy). Get it here.

5. LEGO Creator 3 in1 Mythical Creatures Building Blocks

The 3-in-1 mythical creatures set features a rebuildable, fire-breathing dragon / dinosaur with fangs, green eyes and pointed claws, plus posable jaws, head, tail and wings to take to the skies. Move the Dinosaur’s head, legs, tail and wings to create exciting poses.

Continue the adventure with this 3-in-1 model rebuild the dragon to create a scary spider with big pincers and creepy legs or a menacing troll with an axe that doubles as a heavy-metal guitar. Get it here.

6. Pull Back Dinosaur Monster Truck

Pull back this die-cast vehicle, it will move forward automatically with its pull-back function. With four large tyres support, this off-road dinosaur truck can move on any kinds of terrain. Made of high quality material and wear-resistant rubber to protect the impact and friction when playing.This Pull-back trucks are exquisite, perfect for a little hand to control it. More Details here.

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7. Transforming Dinosaur Toy Gun

Expand children’s imaginations by having them not just play with Dinosaur toys, but build toys with their own hands by transforming from Dinosaur Mode into T-rex blaster gun and another blaster variation. This Dinosaur Toy set Includes an electric drill to lock and unlock the screw which is easy and safe to use for your little kids. Teach your child about the joys of building with this DIY easy to assemble robot dinosaur toy set. Let them know how to use tools to transform the gun into a dino and back again. Keep your little ones busy for hours with this fun and innovative toy! Get it here.

8. Remote Controlled Dinosaur Indoor Flying Helicopter

 This RC Dinosaur Flying Helicopter will automatically take off after turning on the switch. Intelligent hand induction helicopter magically flies above your hand and you can use your hand to control it up and move. It has inductive suspension and collision protection. Easy to fly with simple operation especially crafted for beginners and children. Immense Fun. Get it here.

9. Remote Control Fire Breathing, Bullet Firing, Dancing  Dinosaur Toy –

This is an Intelligent Robot Dinosaur Toy. It can launch missiles and arrows, do battle, language learning, walk, dance, sing, spray fire, Rotate 360°, slide, Can do Math Q&A, and answer a few common sense Questions. Looks cool and is a very cool Dinosaur toy for kids. Get it here.

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10. Remote Control Transforming Dinosaur

Till Now you must have seen RC transforming car toys and RC transforming truck toys. But this RC Transforming Dinosaur Toy is on a different level altogether. One touch will transform it to a toy Robot or a Toy Dinosaur. It can shoot Bullets / Missiles, and can also talk about Dino Science and History. A highly suggest Dinosuar Toy for Kids. Get it here.

11. DIY Solar Powered Dinosaur Mounting Kit 

This Solar Powered Dinosaur Mounting Kit Solar Toy can move under the sun, for it is powered by built-in solar panel. This Dinosaur Toy can be transformed into 4 different forms – A Dinosaur, A mutated spider, A robot and a Drill Car. Building the whole model up can well stimulate children’s creativity and imagination, and improve their hands-on ability and patience. Not only your kid learns about the concept of solar energy, he will also learn about robotics, and mechanics. A must get toy for your child. Get it form here.

These are some of the most innovative Dinosaur Toys for Kids available in the market today. They also make for great gifting ideas too.

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