9 Innovative Toy Balls for Kids

Of course we all grew up with Cricket, football, Volleyball, Basketball, Ping Pong and Tennis balls. And we think that’s where the fun ends, No, the fun has just begun and you can choose from these 9 innovative Toy Balls for kids.

  1. Flying Ball

The ball flies like a helicopter when you switch it on. Guide the movement of the ball by placing your hands underneath it. It has a built in sensor which allows this ball to sense anything below it to move it upwards. The ball will move wherever you have a base to levitate the ball further ahead has multiple colored which glow when its flies. A ton of fun. Find it here.

2. Squishy Dinosaur Ball

 If you are looking for a cool stress reliever or a smooth bouncy ball to play around, you should get one and use these Squish Balls!!! These Stress Grape Balls are very interesting novelty, fun vent toys !Squish it! Squeeze it! Watch it swell! Our unique Squishy Grape Balls offer a number of ways to have fun while relieving stress at the same time. Main advantages are: great for gifts, non-toxic, bright colors and great value! Find it here.

3. Magnetic Balls

This is used for creativity and craft decoration. A product that can be constructed and engineer limitless shapes and structures. Can be shaped as necklaces, bracelets, or any type of jewelry.. Will keep your kids busy for hours making shapes, objects and pieces of art out of it, Get it here.

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4. Pom Pom Balls

As the name suggests, it contains over 200 pieces of assorted colored pom-pom balls. Made from soft material, they are a lot of fun to throw at each other and play with for hours. Buy them Here.

5. Hopping Ball

This inflatable hopping ball brings your child the joy of bouncing around like a bunny. Featuring a heavy-gauge handle to hold while hopping, your kid will stay safe and at the same time remain happy. This helps in building coordination skills in your child. Buy the Balle here.

6. Moon Bounce Ball

This ball is super bouncy and will be an excellent pick for any child aged 5 years and above. High action, super-bouncing ball makes a unique “pop” sound when it hits pavement bounces up to 30 feet high. The crater-like textured surface makes the bounce a little unpredictable making the playtime a lot more fun. Get it here.

7. Rainbow Ball and Puzzle Cube

The rainbow ball is in a shape of a ball with 12 holes and 11 colorful balls inside that you fidget to pass balls from one hole to the other. Mind challenging game exercises your memory and hands on skills can help stimulate your imagination and creativity and is perfect for testing your mental skills and challenging your patience. Made of durable and environmentally friendly ABS plastic material. which is non-toxic and high quality, durable, lightweight, and has a sponge in the center of the sphere. A lot of fun. Find it here.


8. YOYO Ball

A Ball tied to a rubber band. Keep throwing it and catching it. No need for another person to play with. A lot of fun. Find it here.

9. Soft Pool Balls

A tub / kiddie pool full of balls. What else can a child ask for. Put in in during bath time and he will never want to come out. Put it in a room with 2 children throwing them at each other – more fun. Find them here.

Get these 9 innovative toy balls for your kids and make their fun time even more fun.

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