Best Prank Toys and Gadgets in India

Everyone loves to play tricks on someone that is intended to be funny but not to cause harm or damage. Most Kids love playing pranks and gags (including my 8 year old who loves playing ghost) and honestly, such pranksters are the life of the party. Give them these prank toys and gadgets and see those surprises and laughter rolling in:-

  1. Rearview Spy Glasses

These super cool rear-view spy glasses have specially treated lenses that allow you to stay undercover and see who’s behind you without turning around! And If you do not need to turn around to see who is behind you, just imagine the endless pranks which are possible. Buy it here.

2. Magic Pen with Disappearing Ink

Secret vanishing Messages, fun exchanges and simple pure surprising your parents with homework magically disappearing, the pranks and gags are endless. Get this pen and start having a lot of fun. (psst: just don’t tell anyone that you have this magic pen). But it here.


3. Electric Shock Toy Pen

Electric shock pen excellent prank looks like a fancy ball point pen. When your victims click this pen, they get a zap strong enough to cause them to jump. Gift this to your lovable kids or your friends. Gives a harmless shock to the victim who tries to use your pen. Offer it to your friends to use and after they push the button at the top of the pen, they will get a quick and harmless electric shock that will make them scream and jump with surprise. Get it here,

4. Liquid Disappearing Ink Magic Trick

The reactions you will get with this prank are awesome… Squirt a little invisible ink on someone, watch them have a huge reaction, and laugh as the stain completely disappears. Some great acid-base chemistry behind all of the prankster fun. Disappearing ink is a surprisingly very educational product. The perfect introduction for an acid base topic. Disappearing ink. Great joke or magic trick. Get it here.

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5. Remote Control Rattle Snake

Are you kid’s animal enthusiast or nature lovers? This slithering rattle snake will give your children a fascinating time. Your children will learn more about its movements & behavior. With an infrared remote control rattle snake, your child can play a few safe pranks for some entertainment, The egg shaped remote control allows forward movement, as well as the ability to turn left, right or stop and learn the characteristic of a snake’s egg. The slithering motion gives the toy a more realistic look. A retractable tongue adds to the realistic effects of the snake’s behavior and enthralls your children. Buy it here.

6. Electric Shock Gag Gun Toy

Provide it to your friends to play, when they pull the trigger, they will get a quick and harmless electric shock that will make them scream and jump with surprise. Pressing the sideward trigger will make the gun give off light. I can see endless fun playing cops and robbers and having fun when friends get this mild shock…..Safe yet a wonderful gag. Get it here.

These are some of the Best Prank Toys and Gadgets available in India. Get them for your child and let him have the most fun time he ever had. And you, my friend, can also play some pranks and gags on your friends using these gadgets and toys.


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