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8 Best RC Monster Truck Toys

RC Monster Truck Toys / RC Rock Crawlers are everywhere and they are insanely fun. I am sure you would have got your child one in the recent past. However, not all monster trucks toys are created equal and there are some RC monster truck toys are simply much better than others.

Here are a few Monster Truck Toys which are way ahead of others:-

  1. 1:18 Scale 6 Wheels Remote Control Rock Crawler

1:16 Scale Remote Control Monster Car looks almost exactly like its real-world counterpart. It is also fast and attractive enough to keep your naughty one busy for hours on end. Moreover, with 6 wheels giving it that additional stability, it also can easily climb over inclined terrains and become a real mountain king. 6 wheels also give this RC rock Crawler toy have better performance during the process of driving. Get it here.

2. Batman RC Rock Crawler / RC Monster Truck Toy

There are Remote Control Monster Cars and then there is Batman RC Monster Car. Nothing displays cool more than Batman. This Batman Licensed 2.4 ghz remote control rock crawler truck comes with 4 wheel drive, high power and superior suspension. Amazing crawling technology and strong shocks makes it easy to use on rugged roads or off road and climbing over pebbles and large stones without effecting its performance.

Just go out and get it from here My Man.

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3. Amphibious RC Rock Crawler Off Road Monster Truck Toy

A Remote Control monster truck toy that can also work in puddles and a little rain. Bring it on. This RC Monster Truck with strong crawling ability and a powerful drive, can crawl a slope at 50 degrees and is able to adapt to a variety of complex road to play.

This product can switch between four-wheel drive and two-drive function to play according to different terrains and environment, This RC Monster Truck toy vehicle comes with waterproof design and your child can be play with it even in rains, mud and puddles without the dear of the motor getting bust due to water damage. Please wash the car with clean water after playing. Get this here.

4. RC Rock Crawler / RC Monster Truck Toy with HD 720P Camera

This Fully Functional Remote Control Desert Buggy comes with FPV HD Camera for capturing great moments and Independent suspension putting every terrain in your control. With this Remote Control Toy Car, your child can play at the beach, sand, grass and wherever he’d like.

This RC Monster truck toy is equipped with 720P HD Camera and can receive signals far away from 49 ft. It is good at taking snapshots of excellent moments or recording short videos. The matching App can upload them in real time! You don’t have to wait. Just share such happiness with others. Get it here.


5. Double Sided, One Key Deformation Rock Crawler/ Monster Truck Toy

This new design RC cars allows you to drive on both sides. Enjoy the special driving experience with a highly responsive steering and throttle. One key will transform this Remote Control Car for on road & off road use. 4WD and transformable body makes the car more flexible and lets you play on grass, sand, small rocks, rugged roads and other off-road terrain. Special Bionic spine designed in this car make it more fun and convenient, twist transform as you control. Get it here.

6. Futuristic Moon Buggy Remote Control Rock Crawler Toy

Amazing crawling technology and strong shocks on This futuristic Moon Buggy RC Monster Truck Toy makes it easy to use on rugged roads or off road and climbing over pebbles and large stones without effecting its performance.

The Solid frame chassis, high strength composite plastic is impact resistant to help protect the RC Rock Crawler and 4 wheel drive makes it possible to drive on any road condition without getting stuck on larger obstacles along the way. Oversize futuristic tires makes it easy to use in mud, shallow water, grass, paving or off road. I specially love the way it looks. Get it from think Link here.

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7. 4X4 Tracked Wheels Rock Crawler

A Remote Control Monster Truck Toy where you can swap out the regular wheels for track wheels. That’s simple insane.

Snow wheel + four wheel optional assembly switch, brings you different play fun. Military trucks are more stable, robust power, strong cross-country capability, anti-collision, anti-launch, long-lasting play time. Whether on the ground or on the mountain, with tracks or wheels, your child can drive freely. This car due to its unique tracks has a very strong Climbing Ability. Now, no other kid in the colony will have this. Get this for your child today from here.

8. The 8 Wheels Remote Control Off-Road Truck 

Move away 4 wheels and 6 wheels. The 8 Wheel RC Monster Truck Toy is here. With this toy, your child will stand out and this toy will be the center of dicussion for a very long time. All the amazing capabilities of Rock Crawler Toys with the additional stability due to the 8 wheels. Get this here.

These RC Monster truck toys don’t only stand out from the crowd, they also look amazingly cool. Also, one side benefit of the Remote Control Vehicles is that your child will not only understand the concepts of speed, acceleration, braking and accidents, he will also get a glimpse of the world of off road vehicles and sports. A great way to keep him entertained and also developing his motor control skills.

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