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10 Unique Robot Toys for Kids

Right from Doraemon to Wall-E to Transformers to Star Wars, Our kids have seen all kinds of Animations and Movies with Robots in them and they have always been fascinated with them. Here are 14 very unique Robot Toys for Kids which not only are a load of fun, but some of them will introduce him to the world of robotics and engineering too.

  1. Intelligent Programmable Multi Function Robot Toy for Kids

This Toy Robot comes with Life-like features of walking (forward/backward/turn left/turn right) and sliding, It can tell stories, Dance, Launch missiles in different directions from the arms. It also has Programmable movements and an Audio and lights Package. You can control it with remote control and to a certain extent via gestures also. A lot of fun and learning for your kids. The only function that it is missing is the ability to complete Homework and then it would have been a perfect Robot Toy. :-). Get it from here.

2. Doodling Artist Robot Toy

Assemble a robot artist with the Doodling Robot Toy. A wonderful application of science and robotics to create masterpieces of Art (The Doodling Robot uses vibration and spin generated by its motor to create works of art). Adjust the angle and height of the robot’s colored pens and watch it work or rather make work of art. Ideal for young science enthusiasts, especially those with an interest in robotics. Such colorful fun. Get it from here.

3. DIY 3 in 1 Solar Powered Robot Toy Kit

This DIY Solar Power Robot Toy is made for children to use their imagination to assemble the parts into different creative combinations, helping them to fall in love with learning. Four combinations, dinosaur, robot, drilling machine, and insect are available for science and DIY loving children. The joy is in assembling them and then seeing the hard work pay off when the robots move. It also helps them to learn the basics of Robotics while having a lot of fun. Get it from here.

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4. Robot Money Safe with LED Study Lamp

Saving Money and studying was never this much fun. Move out boring piggy banks and boring study lamps. This Robotic Safe for kids is password protected and inculcates the habit of saving money and safekeeping of valuables. The study lamp is a lovely addition to its function and makes studying even more fun. And it can play 10 rhymes also to boot. Lovely. Get it from here.

5. RC Robot Dinosaur

 Bring joy to your little one’s life with this fully remote controlled Dinosaur Robot Toy! Spark their imagination with their very own Robosaur friend! Enhance your child’s early skills development with interactive functions and features, such as a Q&A functionality, storytelling, music and more! Marvel as the Robosaur breathes fire and shoots missiles at your child’s command. The controller can be used to program the Robot Dinosaurs movement and it is sure to engage your child’s Fantasy world. Get it from here.

6. RoboShooter Robot Toy

This fantastic and futuristic remote control toy robot for kids will have all the family on the run as foam discs are fired out at super speed from his chest, (look out Grandma!!). Incredibly easy to operate via the remote control which is included. The RoboShooter toy robot talks, walks, fires and even dances! Once he has fired all his ammo, collect them up and pop them back in the chamber for more action. Certainly one of the best robot toys for kids, which will provide hours of fun and also have adults running for cover and laughing at the robots antics. Get it here.

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7. Dancing Iron Man Toy

Though technically not a robot toy, but this is one of the cutest Iron Man Toys out there. And since in the suit, he does look like a Robot, I decided to include him in this list. It dances on the songs by lifting its legs and hands in the air. It can also move forward, backward, spin on the spot.  This is a very attractive Ironman robot toy for your little one. Get it from here.

8. Electric Robot Hand Glove water Crystal Bullet Shooter

Why play with a Toy Robot when you can put a Robotic Arm on your own hands. A fun and unique Robotic toy which also shoots soft water crystals. No longer playing Cops and Robbers with plastic guns. Its time for an upgrade. Its time to become a Robocop. Get it from here.

9. Star Wars Remote Control Bb 8 Droid

One of the most iconic Robots of all times, this Star Wars RC BB 8 Droid is a must-have for Star Wars Fans and collectors alike. You can become Luke Skywalker and go on fantastic voyages with this droid. Get it grom here. This is One Robot Toy for Kids as well as the parent.

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10. Smart Watch Enabled Remote Control Robot Toy

It can walk, It can Talk, It can Dance, It can Sing and It can also follow you around. What else do you want it to do? Get it from here.

The transforming Robot Cars are everywhere today. Get your child one of these unique and different Robot Toys for Kids and fire up his imagination and curiosity. And As far as I know, Get one for the man-child within you.


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