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The Best Toy Trains

Toy Trains is probably the number one favorite toy of my son and I am sure that they are pretty high on the fascination list for most of the kids out there too….

In fact, just yesterday, my son made a Toy Railway station complete with 2 parallel train tracks, Two Toy Trains running in opposite directions, an Auto-Rickshaw stand with his Toy Auto, A Car to pick up passengers with his hot wheels cars and a loading shed for goods trains. I was simply amazed that he had observed all this and made it on his own. The Stories that he was telling me were absolutely amazing for an 8-year-old child.

Here is a list of common and not so common Toy trains (and a few related toys too) for Kids:

  1. Train Shaped Coin Box / Piggy bank

This Vintage Train Toy not only transports money, but also teaches your child to save money. The Coal carrier behind is a small box to store more items which he or she treasures. Get it here.

2. Combo of 2 Diesel Locomotive Engine Train Toy Indian Railway

A realistic-looking (not exact replica) of the Indian Train Locomotive Engine. Very similar to the real thing. Made with non-toxic and high-quality plastic, this is a pullback action Toy for loads of fun and stories. So similar is this to the real Train Engine, you can even think of using this as a display piece. Get it here.

Here is a video of a Working MODEL TRAIN SET at NATIONAL ACADEMY OF INDIAN RAILWAYS!! Its so real and so fascinating.

3. Thomas & Friends Train Monkey Palace Set

Thomas and Friends is probably the most widely known train in the world today. Not only are they on TV and all over Kids channels, they are everywhere in terms of Toys and Merchandise. This particular Set merits mention as not only it is Thomas and Friends, it also has a lot of Monkey Business going on. The stories simply are endless with monkeys stealing Banana’s or Thomas Getting Banana’s for Monkeys and so on….Get it here.

4. Toy Train with Intelligent Sensing Dialogues, Light Effects and Flyover

The kids train set is an awesome building and vehicle set for little ones.. Your little conductor will love watching the motorized train chug around the tracks; as the train passes over the flyover and as it passes 4 SmartPoint locations, they’ll hear fun phrases, music or sound effects. The track can be configured in a variety of ways and it will be hours and hours of endless fun… Get it here.

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5. Train Shaped Bubble Gun

There are Train Engine Toys. And there are Bubble Guns. And there is this train engine that also blows bubbles….. That is a toy which no child can say a no too….Hours of Laughter, giggles and fun. And if You have a pet dog too, then just see your child, your pet and this bubble gun create the most magical fun moments when playing. Get it here.

6. Lego Toy Story Train

Train + Toy Story + Woody + Buzz Lightyear – Its everything that your child loves. Ideal for young children (2-4 years), this Lego Puzzle building block helps them develop their motor skills while having a lot of fun. Get it here.

7. Bump N GO Bubble Shooter Train Engine Toy

This cheerful bump ‘n’ go bubble train rolls along with light,train engine sound and music, pumping out tons of bubbles from its Chimney and changes direction whenever it bumps into something. Get it from Here.

8. R/C Train 

Remote Control Cars are Passe when You have a Remote Control train Engine. Move around with lights and sound. Get it here.

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9. Remote Controlled Bullet Train

Watch Out, A train is coming…You better move out of the way. But wait, this RC train moves without tracks and goes wherever you ask it to go….This RC Bullet Train is so much fun. When other children are playing with RC cars, this can be so much more fun to play with. Get it here.

10. Solar Train Toy kit

The solar bullet train is an excellent beginner building kit designed to teach how solar power is used to drive a small motor. Can work well not only in sunny days, but also in rainy days or at night by using a 50 watt halogen light to replace solar one. A good teacher and helpful friend for kids. Get it here.

11. Ben 10 Alien Force Train Set

This Ben 10 Train Set will take you to numerous adventures. Get it here.

12. Thomas and Friends Crane Climb

The world of Thomas and Friends comes to life with percy’s load and lift set from Fisher Price. Featuring two Thomas and Friends characters and an iconic destination from the show, this train set brings even more fun filled adventure to your motorized railway. Percy has an important job to do at blue mountain quarry and he needs a little help from his friend owen. Send percy towards the incline at blue mountain quarry and he’ll stop on the track below. Move the signal sign to raise percy to the upper track, where the cargo will automatically fall into his cargo car before he continues past owen and back down to the lower track. You can also help percy by placing his cargo in the cargo holder as he makes his way around the loop. Experience a fun filled delivery adventure at the quarry as percy and owen get the job done and prove they’re really useful. Get it here.

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13. Castle Train Tracker Set

Its A Castle, Its a Train. This Battery operated Castle train track comes with an unlimited number of options when it comes to formations. Kids can created and re-create the track using their imagination skills and have endless fun doing it. Watch your kids fascination as the train tumbles and rolls through the track. Get it here.

14. Steam Train Locomotive Wooden Train Puzzle

This Old School Steam Engines’s 3 Dimensional puzzle is not only for the kids, but their Dads as well. A great showpiece and a great mind stimulator, this is one puzzle enjoyed by people of all age groups. Available here.

Until Next time, Keep playing and Have fun.

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